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RTI now on 103.3 FM-SCA

29 October 2023

Radio Theophile Internationale innovates! Now you can listen to us, not only on your phone, your Wi-Fi internet radio, our app, on,, Tunein, Zeno radio, streema, Alexa, etc… but also through our new frequency on 103.3 FM-SCA across the great Atlanta area and this without having internet.

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Hello world!

28 October 2023

Welcome to Radio Theophile Internationale, your radio station 24/7. Radio Theophile is owned by Theophile Church of Atlanta and the Theophile organization which has been serving the Haitian community in Georgia and around the world since 2016. The mission of this radio station is to train, form, inform and entertain, while emphasizing evangelization, the lifeblood […]

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