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La table de la Prière

La table de la prière est une émission présentée par Radio Théophile Internationale et animée par le Rev. Jean Eddy Jacob du lundi au vendredi à 6:00 Am et à 12:00 Pm. La table de la Prière, Votre Café Spirituel!

12:00 am

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Sick Beats

Pumping grooves at high speed for a fantastic night of party.

7:00 am

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Sound Seduction

Marika will bring you in the futuristic scene of a well blended mix of experimental sounds.

8:30 am

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Message Creole

With live artists from the studio the show will give you the real emotions of the acoustic music.

9:00 am

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About Jenny

A journey into the experimental music to enjoy new form of music.

12:00 pm

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The melodies of the latest trance hits will bring the atmosphere of the biggest parties wherever you are.

5:00 pm

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Worship Music

House music and trends from the best worldwide experts to be always at the top!

9:00 pm

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English Message

Stay up to date with the latest news about fashion, technology and music.

10:30 pm

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Streets Of NY

The best tales from the Big Apple with the most interesting people of the moment.

11:00 pm

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