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Romane Vernet


ROMANE VERNET WEBMASTER Romane Vernet is a highly skilled  professional  webmaster designer, a member of Theophile Church in Atlanta and the website designer of the Atlanta Theophile Church, HMTCC and Radio Theophile Internationale. He is also part of the Radio Theophile’s technical advisor team. Romane Vernet est un professionel de conception de website très qualifié, membre de […]

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Ev. Jean L. Vital

BIB LA SE PAWOL KI BAY LA VI MARDI À 8:00 pm   Ev. Jean L. Vital is a member of Theophile Church of Atlanta and is part of the Evangelical Corps of this congregation. He hosts a segment titled: BIB LA SE PAWOL KI BAY LA VI  every Tuesday night on Radio Théophile International […]

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