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The Team

Nephtalie Faustin (Nephtie)


I am Nephtalie Faustin, I will introduce myself as Nephtie like the Egyptian queen Nefertiti. I will be known for encouraging people to find a new purpose in life because we, as human beings, we change every year, every semester, every trimester, every month, every week, every day, every hour, every minute, and even every […]

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Ansy Joseph

   ANSY JOSEPH, PDG Your host and Director Ansy Joseph welcomes you. Radio Theophile International is a Haitian Christian Community Station operating in Atlanta since January 1, 2015, whose mission is to Evangelize, Form, Inform and Entertain. Radio Théophile International is owned by the Haitian Ministry Theophile Church In Christ Inc, broadcasting 24 hours a […]

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Rev. Jean Eddy Jacob

            LA TABLE DE LA PRIÈRE Rev. Jean Eddy Jacob is the Senior Pastor and administrator of Theophile Church of Atlanta and presenter of the program LA TABLE DE LA PRIÈRE on Radio Théophile International from Monday to Friday at 6:00 am and at noon. Pastor Jacob prays for the sicks, […]

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Hilaire Pierre-Louis

Hilaire Pierre-Louis is the presisent of the men’s group at Theophile Church in Atlanta and Co-host at Radio Théophile International. Hilaire Pierre-Louis est président du groupe d’hommes de l’église Théophile d’Atlanta et co-animateur à Radio Théophile International.

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Rev. Dr. Roland Joseph

  Rev. Dr. Roland Joseph Étude de la Parole de Dieu Rev. Dr. Roland Joseph is the founding pastor of the Haitian Ministry Theophile Church In Christ and a pastoral member of Theophile Church in Atlanta. He is the presenter of the program Étude de la Parole de Dieu at Radio Théophile International every  thursday […]

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Rev. Samuel L. Buissereth

 PROGRAMMING ADVISOR Rev. Samuel L. Buissereth is a member of the pastoral committee of Theophile Church of Atlanta, assistant web designer for Haitian Ministry Theophile Church In Christ and Radio Théophile International. He is also the radio programming advisor and oversees the technical aspects and maintenance of this station. __________________________________ Rev. Samuel L. Buissereth est […]

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